Meet David Casey

It's David, a passionate writer, and reader. I love to share my thoughts with people. I have been an electrician for the past 12 years, working in commercial companies where I was responsible for installing electrical wiring systems and machinery. I also served as a consultant on many projects involving electrical installations over the years. For much of my career, I worked as a general electrician before transitioning into residential work.

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My Vision

My Thouths Behind The Blog

I am a passionate writer and reader. I love to share my thoughts with others, which is why I started this blog. I also enjoy writing about the books that I read on my social media pages. Writing gives me an outlet for all of the ideas floating around in my head.

By profession, I am an electrician who works primarily with commercial companies. As a general electrician, I have experience working with residential electrical company as well as other types of work environments such as hospitals or schools.

I have been practicing electrical engineering/consulting for fifteen years now and decided to start this blog because it has always been something that interested me—the thought process behind finding solutions to problems using electricity!

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